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Guangzhou CHEJU Spare Parts Co., Ltd. has been in business for 15 years. As a company specializing in the production and trading of chassis rubber parts, the products are: engine installation, bushing, balance bar ball head, suspension control arm, shock absorber top rubber, shock absorber dust cover. For many years, our company has been Adhering to the principle of “reasonable price, reliable quality, and good faith management”, we have established close cooperative relations with buyers from the Americas, Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia, Middle East, Africa and other countries and regions.

1.Engine mounting + Shock Absorber Strut Mount + Arm bushing + Stabilizer bushing for + Shock Absorber Boot.
control arm + Stabilizer Link + Strut mount bearing.

2. Chassis rubber parts (CHEJU)
Hyundai-/-General Motors-/-Ford-/-Benz-/-BMW

3. Brake Pads (Joint Jin Qilin) - All Cars
1200 kinds of spot - strengthen wear-resistant heat-proof - imitation - warranty 50,000 km.

4. Product structure
Brand. Warranty 2 years Original structure appearance ~ suitable for OEM.
A goods. Warranty 1 year Original structure Appearance in the upper ~ suitable for wholesale.
B goods. Packing Material saving Appearance general.

5. Cooperation Guarantee Terms:
Unconditional return refund for quality problems (valid for 1 year)
Not related to quality issues - deducting costs 5-30% (valid for 30 days)
Product appearance is artificially modified without return.